Idle Harvest

As a UI/UX Designer at Skybox Labs, I had the responsibility of working on two new features for the clicker game Idle Harvest. The first feature involved creating a Market where players could spend currency, and introducing a new in-game currency called “Merchant coins” to the game’s economy. These features marked the initial phase of incorporating in-game purchases for users by utilizing the existing game economics and narrative.

My role in this project involved collaborating closely with other designers, developers, and the Art Director to accomplish the following tasks:

User Journey Mapping: I was responsible for mapping out the user journey for the two new features. This included identifying the various touchpoints and interactions players would have with the Market and Merchant coins.

Purchase Flow Design: I worked on designing the purchase flow for the Market screens. This entailed creating a seamless and user-friendly process for players to spend their in-game currency and acquire items or upgrades.

Merchant Coin Design: I contributed to defining the appearance and characteristics of the Merchant coins. This included determining their visual design and how they fit into the game’s overall aesthetic.

Icon Design for Rarity: In order to enhance the gaming experience, I was involved in designing icons that denoted the rarity of in-game items. These icons helped players quickly identify the value and uniqueness of various items.

Navigation Design: I worked on the navigation aspects of the Market, ensuring that players could easily move between different sections or features, creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Idle-Harvest Icons

I collaborated with fellow designers, developers, and the Art Director to map out the user journey, design the purchase flow for the Market, create the look for Merchant coins, design rarity icons, and ensure smooth navigation within the Market. My goal was to enhance the user experience while aligning with the game's existing economics and narrative.