Karen Lucia

As a freelance brand designer, I had the privilege of collaborating one-on-one with a London-based health coaching and Emotion Freedom Therapy (EFT) practitioner on a comprehensive branding project. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that would encompass a new logo and, crucially, have the potential for expansion to clothing and business cards. 


The client's vision was clear: to create brand imagery that emanated a profound sense of empowerment while retaining a soft and approachable essence, specifically tailored for individuals who identify as female. This brand identity also needed to bridge the gap between emotional and physical healing, mirroring the transformative techniques employed in EFT.

Step 1 Discovery and Ideation: Our creative journey commenced with a thorough discovery phase. We engaged in in-depth conversations to understand the practitioner’s approach, values, and the essence of EFT. We explored the emotional and physical dimensions of healing, and, most importantly, delved into the client’s vision for a brand that exuded both strength and gentleness.

Step 2 Design Development: With a clear understanding of our objectives, I proceeded to develop the visual elements of the brand. This began with the creation of a unique logo that encapsulated the desired sense of empowerment and softness. The logo design was carefully crafted to symbolize the


Step 3 Brand Expansion Potential: While our primary focus was the logo, we designed it with the foresight of potential expansion. We envisioned how the brand’s visual identity could extend seamlessly to clothing and business cards, ensuring a consistent and recognizable presence across diverse mediums. This scalability was critical for the brand’s long-term growth.

Step 4 Client Collaboration and Presentation: Throughout the project, I maintained a collaborative approach, engaging the client in every step of the design process. The final presentation was a culmination of our creative journey. Together, we reviewed the logo, discussed the rationale behind each design element, and explored the potential for expansion.

The brand imagery exuded a perfect blend of empowerment and softness, tailored specifically for the female target audience, and effectively bridged emotional and physical healing.