In my role as a Senior Art Director at JuiceGroup Advertising, I took on the challenging task of conceiving and crafting an engaging interactive display known as “Evolved.” My unique skill set, encompassing both web development and illustration, enabled me to not only code the intricate interactive experience but also to personally create all the illustrations, fostering a harmonious end-to-end journey for users.

The project's overarching goal was to conceive and construct an immersive interactive experience designed to unveil and illustrate a groundbreaking grocery ordering system tailor-made for a diverse range of grocery stores.

User-Centered Design: This innovative solution addressed the distinct needs of a wide-ranging clientele, accommodating the demands of busy parents in search of convenience and individuals facing mobility constraints.

Telling The Story: The process involved comprehensive planning and creative direction, commencing with storyboarding to outline the flow of the interactive experience. The meticulous character design, meticulously tailored to our client’s vision, breathed life into the project. Crafting a style guide served as the cornerstone for maintaining design consistency and coherence throughout the entire venture.

Showcasing a vision of the future or grocery retail – because seeing is believing: Ultimately, the interactive experience served as a powerful tool for introducing this revolutionary service to grocery store proprietors. By offering an extensive showcase that eloquently conveyed the merits and functionality of the system, our aim was to empower these business owners with the knowledge and tools they needed to seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge technology into their establishments. 

This not only promised to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers but also marked a pivotal step forward in modernizing the grocery retail industry.