Gloria Latham

Within my capacity as a Senior Art Director at the Vancouver-based Advertising agency, JuiceGroup, a pivotal facet of my role involves the creation of high-converting sales pages.

One of our notable clients, Gloria Latham, an internationally renowned yoga instructor and Lululemon global ambassador, provided me with a unique opportunity to design sales pages that perfectly complement her online course offerings, which center around the transformative power of yoga for healing and holistic health.

In this capacity, I collaborate closely with the client, in addition to a team of talented designers, developers, and copywriters, to orchestrate the seamless launch of each digital product. This collaborative effort ensures that every online offering achieves its full potential and resonates effectively with the intended audience.

Alongside, designing the Sales Pages I also:

Oversee Brand Strategy: My responsibilities go beyond sales page creation to include spearheading the overarching brand strategy for all digital products.

Holistic Digital Management: This strategy encompasses the comprehensive management of various elements, including:

Social Media: Orchestrating the client’s online presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to maintain brand consistency and engage with the audience effectively.

Lead Pages: Strategically crafting lead pages to capture user information and drive conversion, thereby nurturing prospective clients into loyal customers.

Online Course Platform: Ensuring the seamless integration and functionality of the client’s online courses, providing a valuable learning experience for users.

Main Website: Maintaining the central hub for the client’s digital presence, facilitating user navigation and brand representation.

Coherent Digital Presence: These collective efforts are designed to construct a cohesive and impactful digital presence.

Reinforcing the Brand: This approach is instrumental in reinforcing the client’s brand identity and values across the digital landscape.

Ensuring brand consistency through meticulous maintenance, coupled with my proficient technical skill set, paves the path for a successful product launch with substantial revenue-generating capabilities.