Hawksworth Restaurant

As a Senior Art Director at JuiceGroup Advertising, I was entrusted with the re-design of renowned Canadian chef David Hawksworth’s website. 

My role also encompassed the management of client relations and overseeing the technical intricacies involved in launching the website, including the seamless transition of the new site onto the existing domain, as well as providing leadership throughout the development phase.

The first step of re-designing the website was to establish the new styleguide. This meant a color palette, fonts and images.

Color Palette and Visual Elements: The selection of colors in our design scheme draws inspiration from a visit to a renowned restaurant, marked by distinctive architectural elements such as gracefully framed entrances and a beautifully arched chandelier that bathes the dining room in a soothing, inviting ambiance. This experience evokes a sense of tranquility, sophistication, and a bespoke atmosphere tailored to guests savoring meticulously crafted cuisine under the gentle radiance of ambient lighting.

Custom Elements: Following the establishment of our style guide, encompassing fonts, colors, and the desired aesthetic, we embarked on the creation of bespoke design elements, such as the presented map.

Fonts: The choice of typefaces plays a pivotal role in defining our brand identity. In this context, we have carefully selected fonts that epitomize elegance, contemporaneity, and a sense of rootedness, effectively echoing the chef’s significant influence on the Canadian culinary landscape.