Amelia Garvin.


Illustration/Fine Art
Visual Design
Color Layout

Artist Portfolio

I want to take you through my portfolio as if we were going on an adventure from home to fantastical landscapes to showcase the wonder in everyday environments,  more dreamlike backdrops, and all the wonderful scenes one might encounter along the way.

I have also included a mini-comic at the end of the portfolio to show and tell what the creative process looks and feels like for me.

 All the artwork created in Photoshop, paired with sketches in paint, pencil, and media content tools.




After a few days in the house I walked through the Neighborhood.


Not used to the hustle and bustle of the city my feet led me through the trees and to places I never expected.


Amelia Garvin.

About me

I have had the pleasure of expanding my skill set as a visual storyteller by doing design and development projects with clients ranging from the lifestyle/health industry to video games.

See what else I can do.

The Creative Process.

by: Amelia Garvin


Thank you.