Web Design – Hawksworth Restaurant

Hawksworth Restaurant As a Senior Art Director at JuiceGroup Advertising, I was entrusted with the re-design of renowned Canadian chef David Hawksworth’s website.¬† My role also encompassed the management of client relations and overseeing the technical intricacies involved in launching the website, including the seamless transition of the new site onto the existing domain, as […]

Web Design – Gloria Latham

Gloria Latham Within my capacity as a Senior Art Director at the Vancouver-based Advertising agency, JuiceGroup, a pivotal facet of my role involves the creation of high-converting sales pages. One of our notable clients, Gloria Latham, an internationally renowned yoga instructor and Lululemon global ambassador, provided me with a unique opportunity to design sales pages […]

Dog Treats – Packaging Design

Dog Treats As a Senior Art Director for JuiceGroup I was responsible for creating packaging design for a line of dog treats¬† for a Vancouver-based pet food company. The client sought to revitalize an existing product line through the creation of new, eye-catching packaging that not only grabs immediate attention on store shelves but also […]

Evolve – Interactive Display

Evolve In my role as a Senior Art Director at JuiceGroup Advertising, I took on the challenging task of conceiving and crafting an engaging interactive display known as “Evolved.” My unique skill set, encompassing both web development and illustration, enabled me to not only code the intricate interactive experience but also to personally create all […]

Karen Lucia – Branding

Karen Lucia As a freelance brand designer, I had the privilege of collaborating one-on-one with a London-based health coaching and Emotion Freedom Therapy (EFT) practitioner on a comprehensive branding project. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that would encompass a new logo and, crucially, have the potential for expansion to clothing and business […]

Idle Harvest

Idle Harvest As a UI/UX Designer at Skybox Labs, I had the responsibility of working on two new features for the clicker game Idle Harvest. The first feature involved creating a Market where players could spend currency, and introducing a new in-game currency called “Merchant coins” to the game’s economy. These features marked the initial […]

I am so happy with this!!!.

I am so happy with this!!!.My new site makes it easier to showcase my work. More importantly I have received more emails from new customers than ever. My customers can just fill in a form for a quote and shoot it off straight away. Amelia really listened to my wishes on site design and style […]

A Stand Out Creative

I’ve known Amelia for several years now and am always impressed by the quality of her work and professionalism. We work with hundreds of creatives each year for our print and online publication and Amelia stands out as being communicative, reliable and hella creative. Katherine (Katie) Jenzen, Former Director of Programming SAD MAG

Any Design Team would be luck to have her on their team

Amelia has been great to work with and has shown great strength and passion as a designer in video games while working at Skybox. Any design team would be lucky to have her on their team. Steve Silvester Co-founder, Skybox Labs