A little bit about me

I am a Vancouver-based Front-End Developer, Designer and Artist. I am passionate about creating meaningful digital experiences that make the client's story come to life.

My passion for storytelling and creating is ultimately what led me into web development. Beginning my journey in art school, where I honed my skills at translating ideas and others through artistic mediums ranging from design to sculpture. A graduate of two intensive web-development programs later, I am thrilled to add code to that list.

How I work

  • Community I am a huge advocate of teaching others what I know and finding ways I can help my community with that knowledge.
  • Organization Planning and creating a strategy to my work is key. Whether it is with code or with a paintbrush the project always begins with first identifying the problem, Discussing what tools are best to solve it and start testing out those theories.
  • Communication Open communication with collaborative planning are imperative when working out how to come up with the best solution for the job.
  • Teamwork Teamwork makes the dream work. It's true. Every time.
  • For Fun When I am not creating websites, I am making art, hiking, playing soccer, running, exploring new technologies and teaching others about making websites!

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