Redesign for change

Working with fellow creatives and developers I redesigned and developed a custom WordPress website for a Vancouver non-profit called Fire and Flower: Girls Rites of Passage. including a personalized logo. The goal was to tell the amazing story of the business with a curated online presence that would bring more awareness towards the mentorship, ceremony and connection offered by the staff at Fire and Flower: Girls Rites of Passage.

As part of the design process I decided to provide Fire and Flower a new logo to compliment the redesign effort. On the left is the original and to the right is the options I provided to the client.

Who are we designing for?

The Goal of creating personas was to define our design strategy for a realistic end user. This site was intended for specific people so I had to give them a face.

The Strategy was to use existing clients, leads and the client for insight on the persona’s characteristics. In this case we came up with two main personas; the participant and the mentor.

The Solution was to create persona’s that would be our guiding light throughout the process of development. If we were lost along the way we simply asked ourselves ‘Who are we designing this for?” and with our personas in view could continue along the right path.

Mapping the customer experience

The Goal of the customer journey map was to clearly define the customer experience and ideal path in order to guide the design process.

The Strategy was to use the existing site’s data and traffic patterns along with client feedback to outline the opportunities and most common problems faced by the end-user.

The Solution was to analyze and gather all the data that we found which I organized and presented to the client using a diagram ( which I love ). 

bringing the client's vision to life

During this project I was responsible for client relations, re-organizing the existing site’s content and creating the design to eventually be developed. I worked closely with the client to present initial designs, high-fidelity prototypes and mostly encouraging the client to be an active member of the process. We went the extra mile by providing web-hosting, porting her existing site over to a wordpress site, setting up marketing insights and making how-to videos for her website’s dashboard.

Wireframes to final UI design

Part of the development process is creating a working prototype for the client to go through. This creates a sense of the final product, the overall organization and the fuels any final touches to drive the project smoothly towards the finish line.


I came out of the project feeling confident about developing a website from the creation of UI/UX flows and assets, Information architecture, project management and client relations. I learned a lot about how I can manage a small team on a tight deadline, how to present designs with assurance and data and how to carrying out design and development in tandem. 

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