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love sea photography website development

Working with fellow creatives and developers I developed a custom WordPress website for a wedding photography business named lovesea photography.

The Goal of the website redesign was to give the client a modern gallery website to showcase her handmade millinery and services.

The Strategy was to collaborate with project teams to plan, analyze, organize and execute responsive online gallery that would ultimately grow the client’s business .

The Result was a memorable online presence for the wedding business and a working knowledge of how to successfully contributing to a digital team.

mobile first development

Collaborating with the designers was essential for the development of the website as not all features were outlined and we were on a tight schedule. So as a developer with a background in graphic design I made sure to exchange ideas and development insights to make the process of design and development as seamless as possible.

Pixel Perfect was what we aimed for. As a developer I had to test and ensure that the design was being fully developed and optimized for all screen sizes, browsers and abilities. That meant making sure the code and assets were optimized to ensure the site would load fast and look great. 

Starting to see it all together

A-HA Moment was when all the assets, fonts and colors really started to mimic the design specs set by the designers. Developing Love Sea Photography was the second time I had built a custom WordPress site and the first time I had built one for a client and it was truly exciting.

Presenting to the client and peers was the final step of the development process and one that I found extremely valuable. I loved the experience of sharing what my team and I created after weeks of hard work.