Vamp UI

The Goal was to create a 2D platformer game in the Unity game engine based on the story of a vampire trying to build immunity to human food and avoiding enemies along the way.

The Strategy using Adobe creative suite I created all the assets and ux flows to be integrated into the game.

The Outcome was a simple 2D platformer game design that taught me the in’s and out’s of what Unity’s game engine had to offer in terms of game development.

Design in motion

Sprite Animation using Unity’s animation features I put the character and screen’s in motion to compliment the game’s aesthetics.

Motion Design I studied successful 2D mobile platform games in the market such as limbo to back up my decisions about how the game should flow, how the character should render in the game and what kind of UI would be best to make the game work.

Does the movement reflect the goal? When defining the feel of the animation and important question I asked myself was how the motion reflected the game’s narrative. Was it too slow? Too quirky?

UI screens

MVP or minimum viable product was created in order to test the game and gather initial feedback to then implement changes. 

Testing/Reflections Vamp provided a platform to understand the process of game development with Unity as well as UX/UI design games. The result of which is experience with game development and design on mobile!

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