Fire and Flower

Client site for Vancouver based non-profit Fire and Flower:Girls Rites of Passage

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Over the course of 5 weeks I, along with two other developers, redesigned and developed a website for a Vancouver non-profit called Fire and Flower: Girls Rites of Passage on WordPress. The 10 person + organization provides a 3-month journey for girls transitioning into womanhood through mentorship, ceremony and nature connection.

Below are a few itiration of the logo design which includes the selected design by the client.


During this project I was responsible for client relations, Re-organizing the existing site’s content, creating the design to eventually be developed in order to achieve our goal of creating a website that was both easy to use for users and our client.

In addition, my team and I aided our client in finding web-hosting, moving her existing site over to the WordPress CMS and setting up SEO services to suit her needs.


The project required clear communication between all parties operated on a very tight deadline and ultimately deliver an industry standard website. This project really proved that planning was essential in terms of site architecture, design, team management and coding. It was as exciting as it was challenging to uncover how best to work in a team, take a deep breath and not get overwhelmed. Mission accomplished!

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