rabbit hole

A game inspired by the concept of falling into a rabbit hole built primarily using Javascript.




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Rabbit Hole is a game about a rabbit named Bunny. Built using Javascript, CSS, and HTML the user must aid the earnest quadruped who is in danger of falling into a rabbit hole! The idea stemmed from the common phrase “To fall into the rabbit hole” and adapting the phrase into a shooter style game where the player helps the bunny character stay on task by shooting and/or avoiding getting distractions!

The inspiration behind the game emerged as I was attending a few classes on the subject of artificial intelligence hosted by Canada Learning Code. I learned about neural networks, self-learning robots and more about how this technology is growing and how it impacts on society now and its potential in the future. At the same time, I was attending an intensive web design course where one of the assignments was to use Javascript to build a game. A coding language I had encountered but wanted to learn more about. So I decided to build a game that would allow me to expand my knowledge of Javascript and quiet my anxieties of getting lost in all this new information.

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My goal was to figure out how to adapt the popular phrase into a code and flex my design skills by creating my own character, game board, and game components.

To code the game, I used boilerplate code from a shooter game. I learned about collision detection, how to define movement in code, how to use objects, call back functions and how complex it is to build a game.

Debugging is key!

image of the process of designing the rabbit hole game


I loved this project as it was both a challenge in design and a challenge in code. What I learned most from this project is that planning is key. Writing pseudocode and verbalizing the steps in order to make the game work was vital. It helped me gain a better understanding of Object Oriented Programming and gain a working understanding of some of the terms I was being introduced to. It really became about understanding the relationship between the code blocks, about scope and exercises in debugging! In the future, I would like to create another game and develop my programming skills.

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