West Coast Hatters, Design Concept

Site re-design for a Vancouver based milinery business

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West Coast Hatters is a project I created for a Vancouver-based Bespoke Millinery Business named West Coast Hatters. The reason I chose this project was that I believed in the products that the independent business has to offer and that the website should reflect the high-quality craftsmanship that went into the products. The Goal of this project was to create a sophisticated and engaging redesign of the business’s existing site in order to best showcase the products, services, and story behind the brand and ultimately better serve the user.

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The redesign strategy started was based on a client interview to understand the business goals and an analysis of the existing site based on third-party data. The goal of the site was to invite site visitors to get in touch and building her mailing list and customer base. I used third party site analysis sites such as site grader, used the site’s SEO statistics and evaluated performance based on Market Research. The resulting data gave me a clear vision of how to build West Coast Hatter’s online presence and begin the wireframing phase.


As it is just a concept at this point, I would love to build the redesigned site!

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